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We provide a balanced gameplay on a pre-renewal and mid-rate setting. We can guarantee you'll never have any dull moments with our top of the line features: unique storyline quests, automated rotation events, custom instances, VIP system and much more! Come and join the fun!


Playing Ragnarok Online has never been easier! AtlasRO is AndRO and roBrowser-supported! Stuck in traffic? Use your Android phones! Got too much time at work? Use any PC browser available! You don't have to be at home to experience the fun!


Take pleasure in larger-than-life battles with your guild in our Battlegrounds and rotating WoE system. Compete with rivals or even friends through our multiple PvP modes and find out if you're fit to be one of the best in AtlasRO! We'll see you there!

Project servers
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Atlas PvP 13.2 x50 1500
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