Rise of Midgard

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Rates: 5/5/3; 0.2% card drop rate; 0.1% minimum common equipment drop rate

Episode 13.3 El Dicastes - Pre-Renewal

NEW Battlegrounds 3.0, FREE BG/WoE-locked Characters, rental BG Equipments

Frostdelays, the ultimate skilldelay protection

MVP and miniboss cards reworked to disappear after 30 days

Entirely costume-based Cash Shop

Max ASPD: 190

Instant Cast: 150 Dex

Minimum skill delay: 200ms

Potion delay: 150ms

Host based in Ashburn, USA. South America and Europe+Russia friendly

Europe and Los Angeles Proxy Service for South East Asia


With 1500+ hats, 70+ hairstyles, and hundreds of new color palettes, you have plenty of options available to customize your character the way you've always wanted to!

Rise! Be Reborn again as a High Novice once you've reached the maximum level, and exchange points for exclusive items through the Rising Shop.

Rebalanced XP Party Maps: Tired of always seeing the same landscapes? Want more variety? We've increased the XP on certain less-used maps to give you more leveling choices during your adventure!

Daily XP Spotlight Events: Enjoy solo leveling? A different map receives an XP bonus every day!

An exclusive Crafting System, designed to help you obtain your equipment through alternative means, like partying and events.

Retooled refinement bonuses

Exclusive Master Account storage, allowing hassle-free movement of items between different accounts!

Daily Login System

Worldwide Proxy Service and Ping Reduction functionalities

An exclusive anti-nodelay system called Frostdelays, allowing you to use skills on the server like if you had 0 ping!

Weekly maintenances, to regularly keep the game updated and bug-free!

Project servers
Name Type Version Rates Online
Rise of Midgard PvP 13.3 x5 1000
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