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Let's become the greatest guild! Join a guild, or create your own and claim an area, just for you and your guildmembers.

Ragnarok Online's unique PVP system! Monsters are no longer your only enemies. Now it's time for Player VS Player!

You can become stronger using cards. Create your own item using different combinations of cards

See a list of all available cards and familiarize yourself with each cards special attributes.

The uncontrollable urge to become stronger! Use the Upgrading System to make your weapons and armor stronger.

10 different attributes ask for different fighting styles! Know your enemy and know thyself for absolute victory.

Make a monster your pet! Cute monsters can now become our friends.

The War of Emperium is a war between different guilds to claim the castle to be your headquarters for the guild.

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Valkyrie PvP 14.3 x5 1500
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