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[PK Mode] All players level 70 and above can switch to PK Mode and attack other players in the same mode. Players in PK Mode will receive 25% more experience gain or would you rather stay safe? it's all up to you.

[MVP Maps] You can now attack other players without any level restriction when an MVP is alive.Hate it when someone's trying to killsteal your MVP? The destroy him. Don't worry. PK will be disabled automatically once the MVP is dead.


[Overview] Players will choose from 3 faction before entering Rune-Midgard-Vanir, Freyja, and Heimdallr. A faction war will be held monthly. The winning faction and the members who have participated in the war will have access to a sacred town where players can craft godly items or grind on its high-level dungeons.

[Faction War] You'll have to authenticate and defend the stations. There are 8 substations and 1 main station. A faction must be able authenticate the 8 substations before the main stations becomes available. The last faction holding the main station until the war ends, wins. The number of players from each faction will be limited based on the server's population to keep it balanced. The player must be at least level 80 and register their character 30 minutes before the war, the play the entrance fee of 50.000z. This prevents last-minute switching of characters to exploit the reward.

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